The Blest Chair

The Blest Chair


Anderssen & Voll, 2019


Materials: Solid oak or ash

Dimensions: W: 16.1” D: 18.3” H: 29.4” SH: 17.9”

Options: Available in Natural Oak, Sumi Ash (black) or Indigo Ash

Lead Time: 12-16 weeks approximately

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“With ‘Blest’ our starting point was a chair construction we consider to be very Japanese: a sturdy seat that holds the main constructive strength and with the seat and back as additions. Our initial idea was to make the back in plywood – we are amazed how Ariake transformed this into a milled solid wood back attached to the seat by a finger joint – in a way they were protecting our idea against ourselves. ‘Blest’ is a Norwegian word for wind – we think of the characteristic back piece a sail or a banner waving in the wind” – Andersen & Voll