The GE236 Sofa

The GE236 Sofa

from 5,488.00

Hans Wegner, 1955


Materials: Solid wood frame with foam cushions upholstered in fabric or leather


2 Seater W: 58.7” x D: 32.3” x H: 30.7”/SH: 16.1”

3 Seater W: 83” x D: 32.3” x H: 30.7”/SH: 16.1”

4 Seater W: 107.5” x D: 32.3” x H: 30.7”/SH: 16.1”


Oak untreated

Oak lacquered, oiled or soaped

Oak stained white, black, teak, cherry, mahogany or rosewood

Cushions available in foam or with down top

Lead Time: 10-12 weeks approximately


Many people consider Wegner to be the uncrowned king of modern Danish furniture design. Having trained as a joiner, Wegner succeeded better than anyone else in uniting craftsmanship of the very highest class with sculptural and functional design. Wegner also played a key role in making Danish Design famous worldwide – from which Getama benefited hugely when the company entered into a working relationship with the architect in 1949.

Wegner often visited Gedsted and spent many days at the factory, joining, refining and adjusting the new furniture until it satisfied his sense for aesthetics, and its design was appropriate to production processes. Wegner became one of Getama’s principal architects and designed several true masterpieces for the company.