The MK30 Folding Stool

The MK30 Folding Stool

from 780.00

Mogens Koch, 1960


Materials: Solid oak with canvas or leather seat

Dimensions: W: 18.3” x D: 14.8” x H: 18.3”


Oak untreated, lacquered, oiled or stained white, black, teak, cherry, mahogany or rosewood

Lead Time: 10-12 weeks approximately


Architect, Professor Mogens Koch (1898 – 1992) was a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1925). He later became an assistant at the architectural office of Kaare Klint, and also worked with several other architects. Here, the focus was on the Danish tradition of functionalism: stringent design in which every part has a purpose, and the simplicity of form has no extraneous ornamentation. Mogens Koch had a passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and technical perfection. He loved working with brass, wood, leather, wool, canvas and other natural materials. 

The furniture he designed received public acclaim and popularity because of its fine design, excellence of production, and beauty, always with functionality in focus. The Folding Stool, designed in 1960, is a supplement to the Folding Chair.

Today, like all GETAMA’s furniture, the Folding Stool is produced by highly skilled craftsmen at the GETAMA furniture factory, in Denmark.  

The Folding Stool is made of oak and upholstered in either leather or canvas, in neutral colours. Each stool has an engraved brass plate bearing the names of the designer and the manufacturer. When it is not in use, the stool can be hung by a leather strap, mounted on one of the crossbars, on a brass hanger screwed into a wall. The brass hanger comes with the stool. To add to the multifunctional uses of the stool, Mogens Koch designed a tray in 1983, converting the stool into a small table.

Canvas Colors: White, Nature, Black

Leather Colors: Congnac, Dark Brown or Black

Tray Colors: New Burgundy, Malibu, Lead, Pale Olive, Terril or Spectrum Yellow (white or grey on the reverse)