The Paperwood Side Table

The Paperwood Side Table

from 585.00

Anderssen & Voll, 2017


Materials: Solid oak or ash


Side Table W: 13.2” D: 13.2” H: 17.7”

Coffee table W: 23.6” D: 23.6” H: 15.4”

Options: Available in natural Oak, Sumi Ash (black), Indigo Ash or Red Ash

Lead Time: 12-16 weeks approximately

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We find a certain attractive calmness surrounding objects that are in a momentary state of balance. The solid wood legs and table top tapers from a thickness of 20mm to 5mm, giving a sense of incredible visual lightness. This is emphasized by the small gap at the base, lifting the table off the floor and letting a sliver of light through.