Galvanitas, A Dutch Industrial Design Icon


Galvanitas got its start building industrial furniture for schools in The Netherlands. Today, the brand characterizes Dutch industrial design at its best. For Gestalt, the brand is represented by the iconic S16 chair. Relaunched in 2014, every single part of the S16 was specifically designed for the chair, with Galvanitas even using the original molds and production methods. All newly manufactured parts are entirely identical and interchangeable with the original parts. Exactly as it was before.

The Galvanitas philosophy is motivated by the country’s architecture, which embodies the whole philosophy of Dutch design. Everything the Dutch do has a thought process behind it. Everywhere you go, you can tell that designers have truly done their research, studied people in their space, and created the design around them.

With an emphasis on strength and durability the S16 seated an entire generation of Dutch school children, and the design is characterised by its pressed steel legs and seat and back in shatterproof Pag Wood. Available in 8 standard color combinations, the S16 can also be customised for projects.

The TD4 Table is immediately recognisable as the brother of the S16. With the same clean lines and characteristic compass legs the original table was quite small and used in canteens and as teachers desks. Todays version is much larger with a solid wood top that is customisable in length and width.