The Betula Rug

The Betula Rug

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Lisbet Friis


Materials: Woven rug in paper yarn with 3mm woolen felt backing

Dimensions: 67” x 95”, 79” x 118”

As most of our rugs are unique and hand-made, the size can vary slightly from the ordered size (+/- 4%).

Colors: 1211 beige/off white, 1416 charcoal/grey, 1627 grey/light grey

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks approximately

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Simple and natural. The perfect weave and the understated natural beauty created when weaving with paper yarn is manifested in the Betula design. This durable and natural material, also used in the Ulmus and Fagus lines, make the subtle, natural colours come out very matte, dry and as close to nature as possible.