Warm Nordic


Copenhagen, Denmark

Warm Nordic is more than a brand, it’s a passion. A passion for the Scandinavian style and way of life. Full of warmth, it is far from ‘Cool Nordic’, as the Scandinavian style is often referred to. Warm Nordic’s approach isn’t about excessive decoration, but about a warm, authentic look that captures the Danish concept of hygge, made so famous throughout the world.

With permission from the descendants of the original architects and designers, and huge support from the families, Warm Nordic was founded in 2018 featuring iconic chairs by Hans Olsen and Knud Færch, and internationally sought-after lamps by Svend Aage and Holm-Sørensen. Along with a wide range of other classic designs, the old masters have been united with the best contemporary designers. Warm Nordic features both a Classic Collection and a Contemporary Collection. Together the two collections illuminate the quality of Scandinavian design and its independence from time and generations.