Introducing The TMBO Series By Mazo


MAZŌ is a collection of an unexplored architect and other talented designers with a focus on creating designs that last for generations.  MAZŌ is rooted in a full spectrum of functionalism: With roots in Scandinavian tradition, a love of the simplicity of the Bauhaus era, and a reminiscence of ancient Japanese culture, MAZŌ aims to provide people of this century the opportunity to choose furniture with long lasting design. 

MAZŌ produces and re-launches both the iconic international design classics, and the hidden gems that have only been produced in a small number in this design universe. They are serious about authenticity and rely on it, as it is the core of their existence.

Humbled to be trusted with the exclusive rights to manufacture and launch furniture by the Danish architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen (1903-1984), Mazo believes the most foresighted design can be created by embracing the experience of the past. They aim to also stay true to the revolutionary part of this heritage. That is why we partner with new and dedicated designers, who not only share our fondness of the Nordic and Japanese aesthetics and understand the balance of beauty and function, but also create new designs, in quality materials, suited for humans and homes of our days.

Danish architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

Danish architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

”It is important for us that the designs we launch today are still relevant in 50 years. Just as foresighted and before his time, as my grandfather was, when he for example drew the sketches for our WNG Chair, it is equally important that all our designs can last for generations and are usable in the future”, says Magnus Stephensen, founder of MAZŌ and grandchild by one of the designers.

The TMBO Lounge Chair and Sofa designed by Magnus Læssøe Stephensen. 1935 is the date on the first draft of this chair by the renowned multi-talent and architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, which have now been revived under the name TMBO. The TMBO series was designed in a shape that, in the laid back confident attitude, celebrates life with the same dramatic simplicity that Magnus Læssøe Stephensen found in Japanese design tradition. The TMBO Chair and sofa alike, with the significant curved form, send a promise to hold your back whilst you lean back and enjoy the ride into the future.

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